Time Hall A Hall B Hall C Hall D (Lotus) Hall E (Jasmine)
7.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Pre-Conference Registration
7.00 am - 5.00 pm
Conference Registration
08.30 am – 09.30 am Cases Studies:
A merger of international & national icons (8+2 mins)

Rohit Tandon
  • A. V. Anjaneyulu

  • Case Presenters:
    Shantanu Sengupta
  • Debika Chatterjee
  • Prayaag Kini
  • W. Rangga (Indonesia)
  • Cases Studies:
    A merger of international & national icons (8+2 mins)

    Vinod Vijan
  • Ashok Garg
  • Vinay Sharma

  • Case Presenters:
    Sameer Shrivastava
  • R. Manjuran
  • S. Upadhayu la
  • Aniruddha De
  • Rina Ariani (Indonesia)
  • Hani Elsayed (Egypt)
  • Mani Vannan
  • 9.00 am – 10.30 am

    Workshops: Unforgettable experience on back to basics: Echo in clinical applications

    Case Presenters:
    Vinayak Agrawal
    Sunil Bohra

  • Our experience of obtaining best 2D and Doppler images Off-axis images - Value of unusual views
  • Introduction to strain imaging of LV, LA for beginners. Basic principles, how to obtain and interpret it
  • HOCM: All you need to know about pathophysiology, True vs pseudo SAM, increased LVOT gradients; Why?
  • Imaging & analysis of pulmonary vein, hepatic vein and IVC in health and disease
  • Ischemic & non ischemic wall motion abnormalities: Is it really RWMA. Read with us
  • 9.35 am – 10.40 am

    Unforgettable cases in valvular heart disease (7+2 Mins)

    Ashok Garg
  • Harin Vyas
  • Prosthetic Valve thrombosis: Anvar K.
  • Isolated RV infarction:
    Anvar K.
  • Cardiac Amyloid-RCM:
    Nilufar Fatema
  • Parachute MV + Bicuspi AoV: Nilufar Fatema
  • Ischemic VSR:
    Deepti Agarwal
  • Prosthetic Valve IE:
    M. Jawahar Farook
  • Post Bentalls Echo Unusual Complication:
    M. Jawahar Farook
  • Cases Studies:
    A merger of international & national icons (8+2 mins)

    Harin Vyas
  • Asha Moorthy

  • Case Presenters:
    Rakesh Gupta
  • Mani Vannan
  • Rajat Mohan
  • U. P. Singh
  • Simmi Manocha
  • Nilufar Fatima
  • 09.35 am - 10.40 am Cardiac imaging in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (15 mins)

    Aniruddh De
  • Manoj Mashru
  • Mani Vannan

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - Current concepts and cases:
    S. Shanmugasundaram
  • Multimodality imaging and genetic testing for three most common HCM mimickers:
    Madhavi Kadiyala (USA)
  • Indications and Intraprocedural echo Imaging for alcohol; septal ablation: Nitin Burkule
  • How to use imaging markers for SCD risk stratification: K. Suresh
  • Discussion (10 mins)
  • Contrast Echocardiography by ultrasound enhancing agents (UEA) (Case based learning) (12 mins)

    Rajesh Nair
  • Rina Ariani
  • Shekhar Ambardekar

  • Creative use of humble saline bubble contrast: How to get the optimum results avoiding false positives and false negatives:
    Nirmal Ghati
  • UEA: Understanding basic physics & instrumentation for great LVO and MCE images:
    Simmi Manocha
  • Clinical impact of ultrasound enhancing agents at rest and stress:
    Rishikesh Shah
  • UEA: impact in special pathologies (clots, cardiac tumours, Ap HCM etc.): Roxy Senior
  • Discussion (12 mins)
  •     Mixed learning topics by masters (15 mins)

    Rahul Mehrotra
  • Hardeep Grewal
  • Chandramukhi Sunhera

  • Effect of atrial fibrillation on cardiac hemodynamics & structural cardiac remodelling: H. K. Chopra
  • Echo in mechanical circulatory support and heart transplant:
    Talhra Meeran
  • Added value of strain imaging in prognosis of valve diseases: Rakesh Gupta
  • Discussion (15 mins)
  • 10.45 am - 11.10 am Coffee & Visit Exhibits
    11.15 am - 1.30 am PLENARY SESSION & INAUGURATION (Hall A)
    11.15 am - 11.35 am Navin C Nanda Oration (15 mins)

    H. K. Chopra
  • Vinod Vijan
    11.15 am - 11.20 am Introduction & Felicitation: Satish Govind        
    11.20 am - 11.35 am A 'benign' disorder gone malignant: In search for answers: Ramdas Pai        
    11.40 am - 12.50 pm What I see in my crystal ball: The Future of Echo (15 mins)

    W. Rangga
  • S.T. Yavagal
  • Lieng H. Ling

  • Artificial Intelligence in Echocardiography: Usefulness and Limitations:
    Navin C. Nanda (USA)
  • High frame rate myocardial perfusion echocardiography:
    Roxy Senior (UK)
  • Interventional echo “A new echo subspeciality: Present & future:
    Hani Elsayed (Egypt)
  • Multimodality imaging: 3rd Umpire in heart failure: Johann Christopher (India)
  • Discussion (10 mins)
    1.00 pm – 1.30 pm Inauguration        
      Inauguration: Lamp lightning / Chief Guest
  • Lifetime achievement award:
    Dr. Nitin Burkule
  • Dr. A. V. Anjaneyulu
    1.30 pm – 2.15 pm Lunch & Visit Exhibits
    2.15 pm – 3.15 pm Mitral valve: The darling of M-mode to 3D Echocardiography
    (12 mins)

    V. Jacob Jose
  • Nirmal Ghati
  • Pratap Nathani

  • Comparison of common echocardiographic techniques to quantify MR:
    R. Alagesan
  • How to evaluate mechanism of primary, secondary and iatrogenic MR?: C. K. Ponde
  • The problems of mixed mitral valve disease.:
    Sajan Ahmad
  • What will you do? Interventional cases in mitral valve disease:
    Mani Vannan (USA)
  • Discussion (12 mins)
  • Workshop: Stunning Doppler challenges: Case based presentation

    Ramdas Pai (USA)
  • Mahesh K.
  • 2.15 pm - 3.45 pm


  • Hardeep Grewal

  • Introduction to 3-D imaging: Key to a good imaging Obtaining and interpretation of normal images for beginner Assessing LVEF
  • How to assess mitral valve area by 2-D Echo. How do I ensure that I am at tip of leaflets. Does mid diastolic gating always helps. Gold standard of 3-D echo
  • Why do assessments vary in valvular heart disease
  • Intra-cardiac pressures, Right heart, left heart: Are you doing it right: Tips & tricks, different methods for solutions
  • Echo-anatomic correlations of prosthetic valves: What is normal
  • How to calculate aortic valve area: Limitations and how to avoid them
  • 2.15 pm - 4.15 pm

    Sonographer case study competition (7 + 3 mins)

    Satish Govind
  • U. P. Singh
  • Smita Mishra

  • Topsy Turvy Heart with Aortopulmonary Window
  • Sterile structure on permanent pacemaker lead - insight into differential diagnosis
  • Rare Presentation of Double Orifice Mitral Valve - A Case Report
  • Scimitar Syndrome
  • Large LV Pseudoaneurysm of posterolateral wall of LV
  • Large metastatic tumor in left atrium extending through the pulmonary veins from both the lungs with totally obstructed left pulmonary veins:
  • Obstructed supracardiac total anamolous pulmonary venous connection
  • A case of Amyloidosis
  • Hiatus hernia mimicking a left atrial space occupying lesion
  • LA myxoma with ostium secundum atrial septal defect - A Sporadic Case
  • What is this confusing LA mass
  • Complication of Bental Procedure - IE dehiscence of valve
  • Mystery cases for audience interaction
    (8 + 2 mins)

    Sameer Shrivastava
  • Ashok Omar
  • Hansa Gupta

  • Negative can still be positive: Vinayak Agrawal
  • What is the cause of this continuous murmur in a child: Munesh Tomar
  • Is diastolic functions normal or not in this case:
    Vatsala Sree
  • What is this post thrombolytic complication:
    Rahul Malhotra
  • Give diagnosis of this TEE echo: Rishikesh Shah
  • Spot diagnosis of this echo:
    R. Shanmugasundaram
  • 3.20 pm – 4.30 pm Coronary Artery Disease (12 mins)

    S. S. Mishra
  • Debika Chatterjee
  • Charan Lanjewar

  • Prognostic value of Echo Doppler findings early after acute MI:
    Sanjay Mittal
  • How and when do I need to diagnose microvascular disease:
    Asha Moorthy
  • Coronary stent abscess. Imaging & management of a rare entity:
    Rajesh Nair
  • Acute coronary syndrome in women:
    G. Selvarani
  • Discussion (12 mins)
  • 3.20 pm - 4.20 pm

    Echo in day-to-day practice: (case-based learning) (12 Mins)

    C. K. Ponde
  • Harin Vyas
  • Hansa Gupta
  • Vijaya Parmar

  • Excessive trabeculation with and without cardiomyopathy: Key messages: Lieng H. Ling (Singapore)
  • How I evaluate a case of high gradient post MVR & AVR: Rajat Mohan
  • LV is out of shape - LV remodeling & reverse remodeling, how to assess?
    Ashok Omar
  • How reliable is to evaluate pulmonary hypertension therapy by echo: Utility & limitations in daily practice:
    Atul Karande
  • Discussion (12 mins)
  • 4.00 pm – 5.30 pm


  • Navin C. Nanda
  • Rohit Tandon

  • Quick LV diastolic function assessment in daily practice
  • Anatomy & recognition of mitral scallops on 2-D echo & TEE
  • Tips and tricks for assessing vena contracta, regurgitant volume in severe MR and AR: 2-D and 3-D
  • Identification of pulmonary cusps by 2-D echo
  • How to assess cardiac functions in presence of atrial fibrillation
  • 4.15 pm – 6 .15 pm

    My most memorable case (7+2 mins)

    Jacob Jose
  • Aniruddha De
  • Hardeep Grewal
  • Carcinoid-IE of CAVI:
    Nihar Mehta
  • Uhl's anomaly-Congenital RV hypoplasia:
    Saji Philip
  • Reverse Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy:
    Shraddha Ranjan
  • Mitral annular disjunction: Monica Dillikar
  • Cardiac Rhabdomyoma:
    M. Packiaselvam
  • Unusual cause of syncope - actual topic: Rohan Parikh
  • Endocarditis Parietals Fibroplastica:
    Muthuvel Raja
  • CCTGA with bicuspid aortic valve: Shatanik Sarkar
  • Uncommon association of Congenital heart disease and? Acquired valvular heart disease – Patent ductus arteriosus associated with severe Aortic stenosis and regurgitation: Ashok Garg
  • Spontaneous septal dissections in women: Madhu Shukla
  • Unicuspid unicommissural aortic valve with supravalvular aortic membrane - A rare congenital anomaly: Anshu Kumar Jha
  • 3.20 pm – 4.20 pm

    Congenital heart disease: less discussed, but educational topics
    (12 mins)

    Amit Misri
  • B. Vijayalaxmi
  • Paral Bhaigat

  • ACHD in adults: Is there any exercise restriction:
    Smita Mishra
  • Echocardiographic evaluation of the paediatric PAH patient; Does it differ from adults: Kavya Mallikarjun
  • Aorto-pulmonary shunts: B. R. J. Kannan
  • How can I be sure that my patient does not have congenital heart disease: K. M. Krishnamurthy
  • Discussion (12 mins)
  • 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm Scintillating Sunset Sessions: A wholesome unforgettable clinical cardiology experience
    (15 + 5 mins)

  • Milind Phadke
  • Sadanand Shetty

  • Pharmacological treatment of Cardiac ATTR Amyloid
  • Approach to patients with recurrent HF hospitalizations: C. K. Ponde
  • CSI clinical practice guidelines for dyslipidemia management: J. P. S. Sawhney
  • 4.30 pm – 6.30 pm

    Scintillating Sunset Sessions: A wholesome unforgettable clinical cardiology experience
    (15 mins)

    Asha Moorthy
  • Geetha Subramanian

  • The contemporary management of HFrEF
  • Have we unravelled the mystery of this unique cardio-diabetic drug?
  • The final frontier of neurohumoral blocking in acute and chronic HF:
    J. C. Mohan
  • Managing lipid lowering treatment in high-risk CAD
  •   5.15 pm – 6.15 pm

    Cases that stumped me (7+2 mins)
    4.20 - 5.20 pm

    Case based discussion (12 mins)

    S. Shanmugasundaram
  • Sunil Bohra
  • Sweta Mohanty

  • Aortic arch anomalies:
    Munesh Tomar
  • Overview of NHFH&RI studies on myocardial strain imaging using speckle tracking echocardiography:
    Tuhin Haque
  • Echo in Heart Failure - What’s important to the heart failure specialist?:
    Sanjay Mittal
  • The cornerstone of echocardiography: LV Systolic Function: 2-D, 3-D, and Doppler Echocardiography:
    Rajesh Nair
  • Discussion (12 mins)
  • 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm Get updated to technical advances in echo for improving outcome and workflow

    Shantanu Sengupta
  • Atul Karande
  • Nazir Juwale

  • GE (20 + 5 mins)

    Esaote (10 + 3 mins)

    Mindray (10 + 3 mins)
      5.30 pm – 6.15 pm

    Echo in emergency room: (Case-based learning)
    (10 mins)

    N. Ganesan
  • G. Selvarani
  • Mira Govindrajan

  • POCUS: Echo protocol for ER: Nilufar Fatema
    ( Bangladesh)
  • Echo in ER: breathlessness Cases:
    Neeta Bachani
  • Echo in ER: Hypotension Cases:
    Vinay Sharma
  • Echo in a collapsed baby (case based):
    Amit Misri
  •   5.30 pm - 6.15 pm

    Left atrium: The cusp of pulmonary and systemic haemodynamics
    (10 + 2 mins)

    Sanjay Mittal
  • Vatsala Sree
  • Hema Raveesh

  • Prognostic role of assessing LA function:
    Vivek Tandon
  • How to assess LA function by multimodality echo: U. P. Singh
  • The central role of LA in exercise intolerance and HFpEF: Ashok Garg
  • Echo in isolated LA cardiomyopathy:
    Lieng H. Ling